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 +====== AltManager ======
 +<WRAP 516px>
 +^  AltManager  ^^
 +|{{ :alt_manager.webp?500 |Using AltManager to steal the skin of player "Mario".}}||
 +^Type|[[:Other Feature]]|
 +^Category|[[No Category|none]]|
 +^In-game description|(none)|
 +^[[:keybinds#default_keybinds|Default keybind]]|none|
 +AltManager is a Wurst feature that allows the user to manage their alternative Minecraft accounts ("alts"). AltManager can be used to directly log in to a different account without needing to restart the game. Accounts can also be saved to an encrypted alt list, where they can later be activated with one click (without having to type in the password).
 +If an account has a skin, AltManager can also be used to download that skin as a PNG file. This functionality is sometimes referred to as SkinStealer.
 +===== Cracked vs. Premium Alts =====
 +There are two types of alts that can be managed in AltManager: premium and cracked alts.
 +Premium alts are regular Minecraft accounts, purchased from These accounts can only be used if the password is known. They can also be used on any Minecraft server unless they are banned or excluded from the server's whitelist.
 +Cracked alts, on the other hand, are just usernames. These alts don't have passwords and they might not even exist as real Minecraft accounts. These alts can only be used on cracked servers, which are servers that have the "online-mode" option set to "false" in the server properties. These servers don't validate the usernames or passwords of players at all, they just let anyone join without checking.
 +When a premium alt is added to AltManager, Wurst doesn't check immediately if the password is correct. Instead, it will first mark the alt as "unchecked" and wait until the user attempts to login with the alt. If the user logs in successfully, the label is changed to "checked" to remind the user later that this alt has worked previously. If the login fails, the screen flashes red and the "unchecked" status remains until a successful login occurs or the user decides to delete the broken alt.
 +===== Changes =====
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