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 +====== AutoRespawn ======
 +<WRAP 516px>
 +^  AutoRespawn  ^^
 +^In-game description|"Automatically respawns you whenever you die."|
 +^[[keybinds#default_keybinds|Default keybind]]|none|
 +AutoRespawn is a Minecraft hack that automatically presses the "Respawn" button whenever the user dies.
 +===== Changes =====
 +|[[update:Wurst 1.1 Beta]]|Added AutoRespawn.|
 +|[[update:Wurst 3.0pre1]]|Broke AutoRespawn.|
 +|[[update:Wurst 3.0pre2]]|Fixed AutoRespawn.|
 +|[[update:Wurst 3.2]]|Fixed AutoRespawn not showing a tutorial button.|
 +|[[update:Wurst 7.0pre1]]|Temporarily removed AutoRespawn.|
 +|[[update:Wurst 7.0pre10]]|Re-added AutoRespawn.|
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