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Line 32: Line 32:
 ^Default value|Fast| ^Default value|Fast|
 ^Possible values|Fast, Legit| ^Possible values|Fast, Legit|
 +==== Automation ====
 +^  Automation <sup>[//[[:Wurst 7]] only//]</sup>  ^^
 +^In-game description|"How much of the bone-mealing process to automate.\\ **Right Click** simply right clicks plants with the bone\\ meal in your hand.\\ **Hotbar** selects bone meal in your hotbar and then\\ uses it on plants.\\ **Inventory** finds bone meal in your inventory,\\ moves it to your hotbar and then uses it."|
 +^Default value|Right Click|
 +^Possible values|Right Click, Hotbar, Inventory|
 ==== Saplings ==== ==== Saplings ====
Line 81: Line 88:
 |[[update:Wurst 7.0pre1]]|Temporarily removed BonemealAura.| |[[update:Wurst 7.0pre1]]|Temporarily removed BonemealAura.|
 |[[update:Wurst 7.0pre17]]|Re-added BonemealAura.| |[[update:Wurst 7.0pre17]]|Re-added BonemealAura.|
 +|[[update:Wurst 7.11]]|Added an "[[#Automation]]" setting to BonemealAura.|
 +|:::|BonemealAura and [[AutoFarm]] can now be used together to automatically farm stuff with [[mc>bone meal]].|
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