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In-game description“Highlights nearby chests.
green - normal chests & barrels
orange - trapped chests
cyan - ender chests
purple - shulker boxes” [Wurst 7 only]
“Highlights nearby chests.
green - normal chests
orange - trapped chests
cyan - ender chests
purple - shulker boxes
[ ] - empty
[X] - not empty” [Wurst 6 only]
Default keybindnone
ChestESP in Wurst 6 with its special “empty” and “cross” boxes for chests that the user has already opened.
ChestESP in Wurst MC 1.7 with the 7 different types of chests that it highlights.

ChestESP is a hack that highlights different types of chests with colored boxes, colored lines, or both. The user can see these highlights even when the highlighted chest itself is hidden behind other blocks. This makes ChestESP useful for finding hidden chests, buried treasure, and secret player bases.

ChestESP highlights:

In Wurst 6, ChestESP only highlights chests with a “full” colored box if the user has not yet opened them. Once opened, the highlight changes to either an outlined box if the chest was empty, or an outlined box with an “X” on each side if the chest contained at least one item. The “Lines” highlights are not affected by this.

In Wurst MC 1.7, ChestESP highlights chests, trapped chests, ender chests, piston crates1) and chest minecarts all with a green box.



In-game description(none)
Default valueBoxes
Possible valuesBoxes, Lines, Lines and Boxes

The “Boxes” option draws a colored box around each chest. The “Lines” option draws a straight line from the center of the screen to the center of the chest. The “Lines and Boxes” option does both.

any piston with a meta value of 6, 7, or 15
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