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In-game descriptionWhitelists players while using 'Killaura, Killaura Legit, Multiaura
Default keybindMiddle Mouse Button

.friends is a chat command that whitelists players from Combat commands such as Killaura. There a lot of .friends commands. You can add or remove players from your friends list. The corresponding syntax are shown below.


  • .friends add <player> adds <player> to your Friends list.
  • .friends remove <player> removes a <player> from your Friends list.
  • .friends remove-all removes all players from your Friends list.
  • .friends list [<page>] lists all your Friends list from a specific page.

There is also a keybind for this command. It is shown below.


.friends' default keybind is the Middle Mouse Button.

he Middle Mouse Button is located at the center of your mouse, in the middle of the Left and Right mouse button. It's also referred to as the scroll wheel. You need to click on it for it to take effect.

Wurst 6.31Added .friends
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