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A command in Wurst is a type of feature that can be triggered by sending a special chat message that starts with a the . character. This message will not be sent to the server, but is instead processed by Wurst. Wurst commands can also be run by using a previously created keybind.

If the syntax is correct and no error occurs, the command will do something. Otherwise the command will return an error message that is only visible to the user who typed the command.

Wurst commands can be bypassed by using the .say command. For example, typing .say .help would send .help as a chat message instead of running the .help command.

For long commands, the InfiniChat hack can be used to remove Minecraft's 256 character chat limit.


All Wurst commands must start with the . character. Other than that, Wurst's command syntax follows the conventions of Microsoft's command-line syntax 1).

  • text without any brackets must be typed exactly as shown.
  • <text in angle brackets> is a placeholder that must be replaced with a value.
  • [text in square brackets] is optional. It can either be omitted or typed without the square brackets.
  • (text|separated|by|pipes) is mutually exclusive. You must choose one item.

Example: The .nuker command [ Wurst 6 only ] has the following syntax:

.nuker mode (normal|id|flat|smash)
.nuker id <block_id>
.nuker name <block_name>

For .nuker mode (normal|id|flat|smash), .nuker must be typed exactly as shown, mode must be typed exactly as shown, and (normal|id|flat|smash) must be replaced with one of the items shown.

  • .nuker mode id is valid input.
  • .nuker mode flat is also valid input.
  • .nuker flat is invalid.
  • .nuker flat flat is invalid.
  • .nuker mode (flat) is invalid.
  • .nuker mode (flat|flat|flat|flat) is invalid.

For .nuker id <block_id>, .nuker must be typed exactly as shown, id must be typed exactly as shown, and <id> must be replaced with a value (in this case: a block ID).

  • .nuker id 1 is valid input.
  • .nuker 1 1 is invalid.
  • .nuker id <1> is invalid.

List of Commands

Removed Commands

Removed commands no longer exist in current versions of Wurst.

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