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Follows any entity, to choose player/entity to follow use “.follow


A bot that follow the closest Entity. Very annoying.

Use .follow to follow a specific entity


Distance (Slider 1.0 - 12.0)

Use AI (Experimental) (Checkbox)

Filter players (CheckBox)

Filter sleeping (CheckBox)

Filter flying (CheckBox)

Filter monsters (CheckBox)

Filter pigmen (CheckBox)

Filter endermen (CheckBox)

Filter animals (CheckBox)

Filter babies (CheckBox)

Filter pets (CheckBox) “Won't attack tamed wolves, tamed horses, etc.”

Filter traders (CheckBox) “Won't attack villagers, wandering traders, etc.”

Filter golems (CheckBox)

Filter invisible (CheckBox)

Filter named (CheckBox)

Filter armor stand (CheckBox)

Filter end crystals (CheckBox)

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