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This article is about the Wurst Client's keybind system. For Minecraft's own keybinds, see Controls#Java_Edition.

Keybinds in Wurst allow the user to toggle hacks and run commands at the press of a button. All keybinds can be changed in-game using the Keybind Manager or the .binds command. The Navigator GUI also has limited capabilities to create and delete keybinds.

Minecraft's key codes work differently since version 17w43a. Because of this, keybinds created in Wurst 6 will not work in Wurst 7 and vice-versa.

Default Keybinds

In Wurst 7

Key CodeCommandDescription
bFastPlace;FastBreakToogles FastPlace and FastBreak at the same time.
cFullbrightToggles Fullbright.
gFlightToggles Flight.
semicolonSpeedNukerToggles SpeedNuker.
hsay /homeRuns the /home command.
jJesusToggles Jesus.
kMultiAuraToggles MultiAura.
nNukerToggles Nuker.
rKillauraToggles Killaura.
right.controlClickGUIOpens the ClickGUI.
right.shiftNavigatorOpens the Navigator GUI.
uFreecamToggles Freecam.
xX-RayToggles X-Ray.
ySneakToggles Sneak.

In Wurst 6

Key CodeCommandDescription
BFastPlace;FastBreakToogles FastPlace and FastBreak at the same time.
CFullbrightToggles Fullbright.
GFlightToggles Flight.
GRAVESpeedNukerToggles SpeedNuker.
H/homeToggles /home.
JJesusToggles Jesus.
KMultiAuraToggles MultiAura.
LCONTROLNavigatorOpens the Navigator GUI.
NNukerToggles Nuker.
RKillauraToggles Killaura.
RCONTROLClickGUIOpens the ClickGUI.
RSHIFTNavigatorOpens the Navigator GUI.
UFreecamToggles Freecam.
XX-RayToggles X-Ray.
ZSneakToggles Sneak.
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