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List of Auras

An aura, in Minecraft hacked clients, is loosely defined as a hack that acts within a certain range around the player. Some consider the word “aura” to be synonymous with “killaura”, but auras can do more than just attacking entities.

Different people will have different views about what does and does not count as an aura. As such, there is no one definitive list of auras. However, here are some lists that can be made based on different criteria:

Auras in name

All hacks with the word “aura” in their name:

Auras in principle

Hacks that don't have “aura” in their name, but could be considered auras based on how they operate:

Auras in compatibility

Only one hack that attacks entities can be enabled at the same time. When a second one is enabled, Wurst automatically disables the first one to prevent problems. The set of hacks that does this is called “killauras” in the source code.

This list notably includes TriggerBot, which isn't an aura in name or in principle. However, it it also attacks entities and thus can't be used together with Killaura.

Auras in anything

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