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 ====== MultiAura ====== ====== MultiAura ======
-MultiAura is just like [[killaura|KillAura]] 
-but instead attacks multiple entitys, and is faster. 
-===== Settings: ===== +<WRAP 516px> 
-**Speed** (Slider 0.20.0)+^  MultiAura  ^^ 
 +|{{ multiaura.webp?500 |Using MultiAura in a pig farm.}}|| 
 +^In-game description|"Faster Killaura that attacks multiple entities at once."| 
 +^[[:keybinds#default_keybinds|Default keybind]]|K| 
 +^Source code|[[w7src>net/wurstclient/hacks/]]| 
-**Range** (Slider 1.0 - 6.0)+MultiAura is a Minecraft hack that attacks [[mc>entities]] around the [[mc>player]]Unlike [[Killaura]], MultiAura can attack multiple entities at the same time.
-**Filter players** (CheckBox)+===== Settings =====
-**Filter sleeping** (CheckBox)+==== Range ==== 
 +^  Range  ^^ 
 +^In-game description|(none)
 +^Default value|5.0| 
-**Range** (Slider OFF - 2.0)+"Range" determines how far MultiAura will reach to attack entities.
-**Filter flying** (CheckBox)+===== ===== 
-**Filter monsters** (CheckBox)+==== FOV ==== 
 +^  FOV  ^^ 
 +^In-game description|(none)
 +^Default value|360.0| 
-**Filter pigmen** (CheckBox)+The "FOV" slider limits how far MultiAura will move the player's head in order to face and then attack [[mc>entities]]. Any [[mc>entity]] that is outside of this field of view will not be attacked at all.
-**Filter endermen** (CheckBox)+The FOV generally goes "both ways around": An FOV setting of 180° will attack any entities that are up to 90° away in any direction, resulting a 180° cone centered around where the player is facing. Similarly, an FOV setting of 90° creates a 90° cone where anything up to 45° away can be attacked, and so on. An FOV setting of 360° will attack targets all around the player.
-**Filter animals** (CheckBox)+The FOV setting takes both horizontal and vertical rotation into account and is always based on the player's [[wp>client-side]] facing.
-**Filter babies** (CheckBox)+===== ===== 
-**Filter pets** (CheckBox) “Won't attack tamed wolves, +==== Filter players ==== 
-tamed horses, etc.+^  Filter players  ^^ 
 +^In-game description|"Won't attack other players."| 
 +^Default value|not checked|
-**Filter traders** (CheckBox) “Won't attack villagers, wandering traders, etc.+==== Filter sleeping ==== 
 +^  Filter sleeping  ^^ 
 +^In-game description|"Won't attack sleeping players."| 
 +^Default value|not checked|
-**Filter golems** (CheckBox)+==== Filter flying ==== 
 +^  Filter flying  ^^ 
 +^In-game description|"Won't attack players that\\ are at least the given\\ distance above ground."
 +^Default value|0.0| 
-**Filter invisible** (CheckBox)+==== Filter monsters ==== 
 +^  Filter monsters  ^^ 
 +^In-game description|"Won't attack zombies, creepers, etc."
 +^Default value|not checked|
-**Filter named** (CheckBox)+==== Filter pigmen ==== 
 +^  Filter pigmen  ^^ 
 +^In-game description|"Won't attack zombie pigmen."
 +^Default value|not checked|
-**Filter armor stand** (CheckBox)+==== Filter endermen ==== 
 +^  Filter endermen  ^^ 
 +^In-game description|"Won't attack endermen."
 +^Default value|not checked|
-**Filter end crystals** (CheckBox)+==== Filter animals ==== 
 +^  Filter animals  ^^ 
 +^In-game description|"Won't attack pigs, cows, etc."
 +^Default value|not checked| 
 +==== Filter babies ==== 
 +^  Filter babies  ^^ 
 +^In-game description|"Won't attack baby pigs,\\ baby villagers, etc."
 +^Default value|not checked| 
 +==== Filter pets ==== 
 +^  Filter pets  ^^ 
 +^In-game description|"Won't attack tamed wolves,\\ tamed horses, etc."
 +^Default value|not checked| 
 +==== Filter traders ==== 
 +^  Filter traders  ^^ 
 +^In-game description|"Won't attack villagers, wandering traders, etc."
 +^Default value|not checked| 
 +==== Filter golems ==== 
 +^  Filter golems  ^^ 
 +^In-game description|"Won't attack iron golems,\\ snow golems and shulkers."
 +^Default value|not checked| 
 +==== Filter invisible ==== 
 +^  Filter invisible  ^^ 
 +^In-game description|"Won't attack invisible entities."
 +^Default value|not checked| 
 +==== Filter named ==== 
 +^  Filter named  ^^ 
 +^In-game description|"Won't attack name-tagged entities."
 +^Default value|not checked| 
 +==== Filter armor stands ==== 
 +^  Filter armor stands  ^^ 
 +^In-game description|"Won't attack armor stands."
 +^Default value|not checked| 
 +==== Filter end crystals ==== 
 +^  Filter end crystals  ^^ 
 +^In-game description|"Won't attack end crystals."
 +^Default value|not checked| 
 +===== Changes ===== 
 +|[[update:Wurst 1.10 Beta]]|Added MultiAura.| 
 +|[[update:Wurst 2.17]]|Fixed a bug when using MultiAura together with [[Criticals]] that made you hop around all the time, even if no valid entities were nearby.| 
 +|[[update:Wurst 3.0pre4]]|MultiAura will now work with the new [[mc>attack cooldown]].| 
 +|[[update:Wurst 3.3]]|MultiAura can now override the settings of [[Killaura]] with its own ones.| 
 +|[[update:Wurst 4.5]]|MultiAura will now only search for a target once it's ready for the next attack, increasing its performance.| 
 +|:::|Improved MultiAura performance: It will no longer process more entities than it needs to.| 
 +|:::|Fixed MultiAura ignoring the speed slider.| 
 +|[[update:Wurst 5.1]]|Fixed EntityUtils using an outdated entity list sometimes. (This caused MultiAura, [[Follow]] and some other things to not target some entities.)
 +|[[update:Wurst 7.0pre1]]|Temporarily removed MultiAura.| 
 +|[[update:Wurst 7.0pre25]]|Re-added MultiAura.| 
 +|[[update:Wurst 7.0pre26]]|Fixed MultiAura not being disabled automatically when using other [[list of auras|Killauras]].| 
 +|[[update:Wurst 7.5]]|Added a "[[#Filter armor stands]]" checkbox to MultiAura.| 
 +|:::|All of Wurst's [[list of auras|Killauras]] can now target [[mc>end crystals]].| 
 +|:::|Replaced the "Filter villagers" checkbox in MultiAura with a "[[#Filter traders]]" checkbox: when checked, it won't target villagers, wandering traders or modded traders.| 
 +|[[update:Wurst 7.6]]|Added a "[[#Filter named]]" checkbox to MultiAura. When checked, it won't attack name-tagged entities.| 
 +|[[update:Wurst 7.21]]|Re-added the [[#FOV]] setting in MultiAura.| 
 +|[[update:Wurst 7.27]]|Added a "[[#Pause on containers]]" setting to MultiAura.| 
 +{{tag>PVP has_attack_speed has_pause_on_containers}}
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