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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy only applies to the Wurst Wiki ( For the Wurst Website ( and for the Wurst Client itself, see

This page explains when and how your personal data is collected, processed and used when accessing the Wurst Wiki (

If you have any questions, you can contact Alexander01998 (the owner of the Wurst Wiki) at


When you create an account on the Wurst Wiki you need to provide the following information:

  • username
  • “real name”
  • email address
  • password

Your username will be publicly displayed to give you credit according to the Creative Commons license that we use. Your username cannot be changed later. Choose wisely!

“real name” is a DokuWiki feature that we are not using, but we cannot turn it off. Your “real name” will simply be displayed back to you when you are logged in. You can type in whatever you want and change it later, but it can't be empty. If you don't want want to submit your real name, simply type in your username again.

Your email address is important for emergency situations. You can change your email address at any time, so please try to keep it up to date. As shown below, certain kinds of data can only be deleted manually by us. If you ever need to contact us to have this data deleted, please send us an email from the address that you specified here. This way we can be sure it's really you and not an impersonator.

Your password, of course, is what you will use to log in to your account. As always, make sure to choose a strong password so that no one can hack into your account. You can change your password later, but there is currently no way to reset your password if you forget it. Please write your password down somewhere or add it to your password manager.

Page Content

Never put any personal information (e.g. contact details) into a Wurst Wiki page!

Anyone with an account can create and edit pages on the Wurst Wiki. Before you do, however, please keep in mind that the content of these pages is visible to everyone. Even if your edits are later reverted, everyone can still see them by clicking on the “Old revisions” tab.

We can only remove your edits from the “Old revisions” tab by manually deleting files on the server. Even if we do that, this information is unlikely to ever become private again. People can download the page, print it out, take screenshots, etc. before this information is removed.

Edit Summaries

Never put any personal information (e.g. contact details) into your edit summary!

When you create, edit or delete a page, you also have the option to provide an “Edit summary” text before saving. Edit summaries are only meant to provide a quick summary of what you have changed about the page. Edit summaries are publicly visible in the “Old revisions” tab and they cannot easily be changed or deleted.

We can only delete your edit summary by manually modifying files on the server. Even if we do that, this information is unlikely to ever become private again. People can download the page, print it out, take screenshots, etc. before this information is removed.

Change Logs

Whenever you create, edit or delete a page, we log your username and IP address. This is necessary to prevent vandalism (we can easily block the username / IP address of users who vandalize the Wurst Wiki).

We also publicly display your username in the “Old revisions” tab of any page that you have created, edited or deleted. By default, we keep your username in the “Old revisions” tab forever, even if you delete your account. This is necessary to give you credit according to the Creative Commons license that we use.

We can manually delete your username from the “Old revisions” tab if you request us to do so.

Server Logs

The Apache web server that is hosting the Wurst Wiki will log each page access. This log contains some personal data:

  • your IP address
  • your “referrer” (the website where you came from)
  • your “user agent” (what browser you are using)

This information is necessary for legal reasons, to analyse traffic and to prevent abuse. This allows us to keep users away who try to crash our server and to have necessary evidence in case of illegal activity.

Our server logs are automatically deleted after 14 days. We will only keep log files for longer when they are needed as evidence during an investigation.


Cookies are small pieces of data stored on the user's computer by the web browser while browsing a website.

Most modern browsers have detailed settings where you can decide which cookies to allow and which cookies to block. In Google Chrome, you can open the Cookies settings by clicking on the padlock icon and then “Cookies (some number in use)”.

DokuWiki (the wiki engine that powers the Wurst Wiki) uses the following cookies:

Name“DW” (followed by random letters and numbers)
DescriptionThis cookie is used for authentication after login. It holds the necessary data to (re-)login a previously authenticated user.
Importancenecessary for anyone who needs to log in
Typical contentencrypted username and password
ExpiresIn a year, if “remember me” was checked when logging in. Otherwise: at the end of the browser session.
DescriptionThis cookie is a standard PHP session identifier. It is used to hold temporary data and to avoid CSRF attacks.
Typical contentrandom ID
Expiresat the end of the browser session
DescriptionThis cookie is used for remembering user preferences, like the size of the editor textarea.
Typical contentname/value pairs in plain text
Expiresin a year

Third Party Services

Google AdSense

We use Google AdSense to sell ads on this website. We don't sell data and neither does Google!

Google can use data that they already have about you to “personalize” their ads. You can turn off personalized ads by visiting Google Ads Settings or Google Ads Settings also lets you see everything that Google knows about you and allows you to edit that data.

Google AdSense uses cookies to keep track of things like how often each ad is seen and how often each ad is clicked on. See for more details.

Individual ads and advertisers might also use their own cookies. We have no control over that.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool that allows us to see how many people are visiting the Wurst Wiki, which of its pages are the most popular, etc.

Using Google Analytics allows us to measure the popularity of the Wurst Wiki, to make sure that our future decisions are backed by real data, and to see how our past decisions have affected the popularity of the Wurst Wiki.

This is important because we are humans that make mistakes from time to time. Whenever we make an unpopular decision that hurts the popularity of the Wurst Wiki, it is important that we find out about this as soon as possible so that we can fix our mistakes early and prevent further damage.

On the flip side, Google Analytics allows us to find out when our decisions have helped the Wurst Wiki to gain popularity. We hope that this will help us to make the Wurst Wiki better for everyone.

Google Analytics has to collect some anonymized data to make it work. For example, Google Analytics uses a cookie to assign each visitor a random number. This allows them to tell the difference between a) many people visiting a webpage once and b) one person visiting a webpage many times.

Without this cookie, we couldn't measure the popularity of the Wurst Wiki accurately. Someone could (perhaps intentionally) open the Wurst Wiki 100.000 times and we would think we have 100.000 users when it's actually just one. Because the cookie just contains a random number, it allows Google Analytics to tell people apart without revealing their identity.

We use Google Analytics with the “anonymizeIP” option. This makes it so that Google Analytics will only store an anonymized version of your IP address so you can be extra sure that this data cannot be used to identify you. See "how IP anonymization works" for details.

Even though Google Analytics data is important to us and doesn't reveal your identity, you can still turn off Google Analytics by installing the GA Opt-Out Browser Plugin. Note that this will turn off Google Analytics on all websites, not just the Wurst Wiki.

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