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VanillaSpoof in the Wurst Options
TypeOther Feature
In-game description“Bypasses anti-Fabric plugins by
pretending to be a vanilla client.”
Default keybindnone

The VanillaSpoof feature allows Wurst to bypass servers that kick Fabric users. Since Fabric doesn't tell the server what mods it is using, some servers may opt to prevent all Fabric clients from connecting.

VanillaSpoof can be enabled through the Wurst Options or Navigator, but can't be found in the ClickGUI or TabGUI.

VanillaSpoof was originally created by ThisTestUser in Wurst7:143.


VanillaSpoof has been confirmed to bypass the following server plugins:


Spoof Vanilla

Spoof Vanilla
In-game description(none)
Default valuenot checked

This checkbox turns VanillaSpoof on and off. VanillaSpoof can't be a regular hack because it needs to do things while the client is still connecting to the server. Hacks in Wurst normally get enabled after the user has already joined a server or world, but settings like this checkbox are loaded much earlier.


Wurst 7.7Added VanillaSpoof. (Thanks to ThisTestUser!)
Wurst 7.13Fixed a crash1) when using VanillaSpoof with certain Fabric API versions.
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