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This page describes content that only exists in Wurst 6.

In-game description“Types /home instantly.”
Default keybindH

The /home hack instantly sends the /home command to the server. When used on a server that doesn't support the /home command, the /home hack informs the player that “This server doesn't have /home.”.

Wurst 7 does not include /home, but a similar effect can be achieved by creating a keybind for .say /home. Unlike the /home hack, this keybind won't notify you if the server does not support the /home command.


/home can be used to quickly escape from a fight.


  • When the /home hack was added, only hacks could be bound to a key. It was not yet possible to create a keybind that directly runs a command.


Wurst 1.2 BetaAdded /home.
Wurst 1.5.1 Beta“Improved” /home.
Wurst 7.0Removed /home. (still present in Wurst 6)
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